Get Started with Zing® Feature Preview

Azul provides access to feature previews of Zing® in order to collect early feedback and enable testing of various applications in development environments. The Zing preview package is updated on a weekly basis and is an in-development feature preview version that might be unstable or not performing. Azul undertakes reasonable effort to ensure acceptable quality of the bits. Zing preview builds are not supported and must not be used in production.

At any time you can post your questions at the Zing Community Forum.

What’s New?

Feature Zing JDK 8 Zing JDK 11
JDK 11 Support N/A
Elastic Heap (aka Best Effort Elasticity)
JEP 254: Compact Strings Coming soon
Quick Startup and Warmup with ReadyNow! and Compile Stashing

Zing JDK 8 Feature Preview

Click the Linux distro based on your needs:

Zing JDK 11 Feature Preview

Click the Linux distro based on your needs:

If you encounter any issues, review the Zing Troubleshooting Guide or visit the Zing Community Forum.

Are you an Open Source developer? Send an email to our Zing Open Source program. Qualified program participants receive one-year Zing renewable keys.

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