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Azul Zulu 16.30 for macOS (Apple Silicon) Release Notes

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Release Details

Release date: May 26, 2021

This release includes Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK for macOS (Apple Silicon). The release addresses an issue that could result in a crash when Azul Zulu is run on macOS 11.4.

The following table lists detailed information on the Azul Zulu versions released with this update.

Azul Zulu Version*

JDK Version

Based on

Azul Zulu Version

JDK Version

16.30.19 (CA)
16.30.20 (SA)




* Azul provides three types of distribution packages for each Java version:

  • SA distributions are tested, certified, and commercially supported Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK. Azul ensures that the software that uses the Accessible APIs of the product does not have to include specific licenses and that such use does not contaminate the code or intellectual property of such software with any license requirements.

  • NV are tested, certified, and commercially supported Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK.

  • CA are Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK that are free to download and use.

Known Issues

  • The Foreign Linker API (Incubator) that appeared as part of JEP-389 has a number of issues when used on Apple Silicon devices (applicable to Azul Zulu 16). The issues will be fixed in a future Azul Zulu release.

Fixed Issues

OpenJDK Bug Fixes

The following table describes the OpenJDK changes implemented in this release.

OpenJDK Patch ID Azul Zulu Version Synopsis



[macos_aarch64] InterpreterRuntime::throw_pending_exception messing up LR results in crash



AArch64: initialize memory allocated for locals according to Windows AArch64 stack page growth requirement in template interpreter