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Testing Grace Period Mode

Looking for Zing? The Azul Zing Virtual Machine is now Azul Zulu Prime Builds of OpenJDK and part of Azul Platform Prime. Learn more.

Azul Platform Prime offers a testing grace period of up to sixty minutes in non-commercial builds, which allows you to run and evaluate Azul Platform Prime without a license.

To enable the testing grace period mode, use either of the following:

  • Set the ZING_TESTING_GRACE_PERIOD_SEC environment variable to a number of grace period seconds (up to 3600)

  • Specify the -XX:ZingTestingGracePeriodSec=<value> option, where `<value> `is a number of grace period seconds (up to 3600)

You can obtain a Azul Platform Prime subscription from Azul Systems by requesting an Azul Platform Prime quotation.