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Appendix. jHiccup Command-Line Arguments

Below are the command-line options used to control jHiccup behavior and reporting:

[-h] [-v] [-l logFileName] [-d startDelayMs] [-i reportingIntervalMs] [-r resolutionMs] [-t runTimeMs] [-c] [-x controlProcessArgs] [-terminateWithStdInput]

The command-line options are separated by commas instead of spaces for easier embedding the –javaagent option to existing start scripts, for example:


Details of the options to use with the jHiccup Java agent that runs in the same process as the application:

Option Description
[-h] help
[-l logFileName]

Logs hiccup information into logFileName.hlog (will automatically replace occurrences of %pid and %date in the file name with appropriate information).

[-d startDelayMs] Delays the beginning of hiccup measurement by startDelayMs milliseconds (default 30000).
[-i reportingIntervalMs] Sets reporting interval (default 5000).
[-r resolutionMs] Sets sampling resolution in milliseconds (default 1).
[-t runTimeMs] Limits measurement time (default 0, == infinite).

Details of the options to use to launch a separate JVM process on the same machine that runs the jHiccup Java agent and collects information about the operating system and hardware’s impact on pauses:

Option Description


Launches a control process in a separate JVM logging hiccup data into logFileName.c.hlog.

[-x controlProcessArgs]

Passes additional arguments to the control process JVM.


Takes over standard input, and terminates process when standard input is severed (useful for control processes that wish to terminate when their launching parent does).

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