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Using Zing Virtual Machine with Zing System Tools

This section describes how to use the Zing Virtual Machine (ZVM) with Zing System Tools (ZST).

Since ZVM, the RPM/DEB package dependency towards the ZST package is removed and new installations of Zing on container-based systems do not require ZST. As of ZST 5.22.4, the zing-zst-ForContainer packages are empty. See Zing System Tools Libraries Retirement from Containers for details.


ZST 5.20.5 provides compatibility with the newly available fixes for the recently reported Intel CPU kernel side-channel security flaws and is required for Zing to operate on Linux distributions that have been updated to address these flaws by adding kernel page table isolation (KPTI). To avoid problems, you should upgrade your ZST to ZST 5.20.5 or higher as soon as possible. Our recommendation for best practice in isolating changes independently is to update Zing to use ZST 5.20.5 and verify your application launches and works, then apply your KPTI kernel update, and recheck that your application launches and still works. Azul is tracking industry-wide response to the recently reported side-channel security flaws. As changes to different operating system distributions emerge, Azul will continue to provide guidance on how to best accommodate those changes.

Azul recognizes the concern over a potential regression in Java's use of ZLib and subsequent data decompression errors, as discussed here: The Zing ZVM never shipped a public release exhibiting this problem. However, a preventive change included in ZVM 17.11.0 ensures the problem will not occur in future releases.




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