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Zing Performance Tuning

Zing establishes new performance standards for Java. Consider the following system and ZVM tuning recommendations to improve performance of low-latency sensitive applications.

System Tuning Tips

To ensure that your environment is appropriate for performance sensitive tasks, apply the following recommended system configuration settings:

ZVM Tuning Tips

The following command-line options provide a variety of tuning combinations. Study the descriptions to learn more about the cases when they might be useful.

Starting with the Zing release, you can set up a filter of the options you need to tune ZVM.

  1. Open the template file, <zvm_installation_directory>/etc/zingrc.template.

    This file is used as a filtering script similar to the .hotspotrc (-XX:Flags=). However, it allows not only append additional flags but also remove unwanted flags from those provided by other means (command-line, env. variables, .hotspotrc).

  2. Populate the [ignore], [prepend], and [append] sections with the required command-line options.

  3. Save the file as .zingrc in any location.

To use the script file, add the following option either to the command line or to the _JAVA_OPTIONS/JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable.


Additional tuning options cover specific cases and can be particularly helpful for expert Java programmers and experienced Zing users:

  • Tuning Zing Compilers – collecting information about compiler executing code when improving performance of Java application.

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