Get Started with Zing® 10

Azul provides access to feature preview of Zing 10 in order to collect early feedback and enable testing of various applications in development environments. This version supports JDK 10 specification. Provided package is updated on weekly basis and it is an in-development feature preview version that might be unstable or not performing. Azul undertakes reasonable effort to ensure acceptable quality of the bits. This version is not supported and must not be used in production.

Note: Our software distributions are signed by an OpenPGP key when appropriate. To verify your download, see Product Signing Keys (OpenPGP) for details.

Step 1: Install Zing

Please follow the installation instructions for Zing 8 for the platform of your choice. When executing installation commands, change the name of the package to zing-jdk10.0.0-fp.

For example, on RPM-based distros:

sudo yum install zing-jdk10.0.0-fp

or on DEB-based distros:

sudo apt-get install zing-jdk10.0.0-fp

The installation directory path will change consistently with the package name.

Step 2: License Zing

You can use the same license you use for Zing 8 or obtain a trial license in case you do not have one.

Step 3: Provide Feedback

Please follow Zing 10 topic on Zing Community Forum in order to get updates, ask questions, and share your feedback. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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