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Upgrading Cloud Native Compiler

Plain upgrades only incur a few seconds of downtime while the gateway pod is restarted. The cluster performs a rolling update on all other components without incurring downtime on the client VMs. However, pre-helm releases will need to be re-installed.

Upgrading from CNC 1.2 or Earlier

  1. In Cloud Native Compiler 1.3, the installation process changed to use Helm charts. To upgrade a pre-1.3 release, uninstall CNC and install again using the Helm charts. The easiest way is to uninstall by removing the original CNC namespace:

    kubectl delete namespace compiler

Upgrading 1.3 or Later

  1. Refer to changelog for any changes that might affect configuration.

  2. Update the helm repository (this will refresh package information):

    helm repo update
  3. Perform helm upgrade

    helm upgrade compiler cnc-helm/prime-cnc -n compiler -f values-override.yaml

    If you are targeting a specific version, use the --version <target version> flag. Depending on where you are installing, do not forget to add any further values files you may be using, e.g. values-eks.yaml using further -f <values file> clauses. It is necessary to keep all values you used with the original installation unless told otherwise.

  4. Verify that all started pods are ready:

    kubectl get all -n compiler