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Configuring the Active Cloud Native Compiler Services

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Cloud Native Compiler can run in different modes:

  • Full: both the Compiler Service and Profile Log Service are available.

    This is the default configuration.

  • ReadyNow only: only the Profile Log Service is available.

    Use the installation instructions below.

Install Only the Profile Log Service

When ONLY using the Profile Log Service of Cloud Native Compiler, it isn’t necessary to install all CNC components. In such a use-case, omit the local Compiler Service using:

helm install compiler cnc-helm/prime-cnc \ -n readynow-only \ -f values-override.yaml \ -f values-disable-compiler.yaml

With the following configuration in values-disable-compiler.yaml:

compileBroker: replicas: 0 autoscaler: enabled: false simpleSizing: disabled: true compilations: parallelism: limitPerVm: 0 limitPerCompileBroker: 0