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Upgrading Cloud Native Compiler

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Upgrading from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1

An existing CNC 1.6.0 installation can be upgraded to a newer version with the following commands:

helm repo update helm upgrade compiler cnc-helm/prime-cnc -n compiler -f values-override.yaml kubectl get all -n compiler

Upgrading from Prior Versions to 1.6.0

  1. If you are upgrading an existing installation to version 1.6.0, make sure to uninstall your existing one or use a different namespace.

    helm uninstall compiler -n compiler kubectl delete namespace compiler
  2. Update the helm repository (this will refresh package information):

    helm repo update
  3. Create the new or recreate the deleted namespace

    kubectl create namespace compiler
  4. Install using Helm, passing in the values-override.yaml (or your custom values file):

    helm install compiler cnc-helm/prime-cnc -n compiler -f values-override.yaml
  5. Verify that all started pods are ready:

    kubectl get all -n compiler