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Upgrading the Zing Virtual Machine

To upgrade ZVM:

  1. Login to your system with sudo privileges.
  2. Download the latest ZVM software .rpm, .deb, .sh, or .tar.gz file.
  3. Ensure there are no running processes using Zing memory.

All currently-running ZVM instances must be terminated before attempting to upgrade. If this is not done, the upgrade and/or memory preallocation might fail or result in incorrect configuration.

  1. Identify the installed ZVM packages.
  • For RHEL or SLES:

$ rpm -qa|grep zing

  • For Ubuntu:

$ dpkg -l|grep zing

Sample response:


  1. Install the downloaded ZVM installation file. Use the appropriate operating system installation command:
  • For Shar script installation:

$ ./zing<zvm_version>-jdk<version>-<platform>.sh

  • For Tar archive installation:

$ tar -C /<zing_java_directory>/zing -xzvf zing<zvm_version>-jdk<version>-<platform>.tar.gz

  • For RHEL:

$ yum localinstall –-nogpgcheck ./zing<zvm_version>-jdk<version>-<platform>.rpm

  • For SLES:

$ zypper install ./zing<zvm_version>-jdk<version>-<platform>.rpm

  • For Ubuntu:

$ dpkg -i ./zing<zvm_version>-jdk<version>_<platform>.deb

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