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Zing System Requirements

The Zing Runtime for Java is a JDK that implements the umbrella Java Specification Request (JSR) for applicable Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) versions (for example, JSR 336 for Java SE 7); and constitutes a “Compliant Implementation” under the specification licenses for the final release umbrella JSR specifications that Zing implements.

Zing includes dynamic “just-in-time” (JIT) compiler technologies that adaptively compile Java bytecodes into optimized machine instructions, and manages the Java heap using Garbage Collector technology developed by Azul Systems.

Zing is supported on a variety of Linux distributions and x64 processor architectures. A current list of supported Linux operating systems and x64 architecture CPUs is covered in the remaining chapters and Release Notes.

A complete list of applicable Java SE specification requests can be found here:

Operating System Requirements

The ZVM component can be installed on machines running the following operating systems.

Operating System Versions
RHEL/CentOS 7.3 or later
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later
SLES 12 SP3 or later
Debian 9 or later
Amazon Linux 1, 2

Note: Using Zing ZVM without ZST requires the memfd_create(2) system call. This system call is available since mainline Linux 3.17 and it was backported to the operating system versions listed above. If you want to run Zing on an older operating system, you need to install the Zing ZST component in addition to the ZVM.

CPU Requirements

The Zing Virtual Machine (ZVM) runs on machines with the following 64-bit x86 CPUs:

  • Intel® Xeon® server class processors released since 2009

  • AMD EPYC™ and Opteron™ server class processors released since 2010

Memory Requirements

To install the ZVM component, use the following memory requirements as a guideline:

  • minimum Java heap size is 512 MB (-Xmx512M)

  • depending on the available free RAM, up to 2.5 TB (2,500 GB) Java heap size in the default mode is possible and 20 TB with ZST

Hardware or Virtualized Platform Requirements

Zing runs on any of the following hardware or virtualized platforms:

  • x86-64 hardware

  • x86-64 virtual machines configured with Intel VT-x or AMD-V (e.g., Amazon EC2 (HVM), Azure, Oracle Virtual Box, Google Compute Engine, VMware)

  • x86-64 container-based systems (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes)

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