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Zing Java Flight Recorder Limitations

  1. I do not see Memory Leaks reported in Zulu Mission Control and/or Java Flight Recorder (JFR) logs, how can I turn it on?

    We are sorry, it is not implemented yet. Stay tuned.

  2. How can I see G1 garbage collector events in JFR/ZMC?

    Zing VM does not support the G1 garbage collector and uses Azul's very own C4 (GPGC) collector. Because of that, you can only see GPGC events in JFR/ZMC when monitoring Zing.

  3. Why do Zing JFR events refer to the null bootstrap class loader as the class loader for anonymous classes?

    We are sorry, it is inaccurate.

  4. Which Zing events specific to OpenJDK functionality does not Zing Java Flight Recorder support?

    Zing JFR does not generate events related to specific garbage collects, metaspace, biased locking, or additional events related to details of GPGC execution for example.


It is recommended to read Zing Java Flight recordings using the Zulu Mission Control (ZMC) tool available for download from the Azul Zulu Mission Control download page.

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