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Issues Resolved in Previos Releases of Zing System Tools

The following table lists known issues resolved prior to the release of Zing System Tools 5.22.8.

Release Resolved Description

ZST DKMS build fails on 5.4.x kernels with the following error message: coderecipe for target 'zm_adapter.o' failed.

5.22.6 ZVM with ZST and cgroups enabled crashes on Virtuozzo Hypervisor.

ZST dkms build fails for 5.0.0-x azure kernels.

5.22.4 Support for OEL6 4.1.12.x kernels is now available with ZST 5.22.4
5.22.3 zing-licensed does not start after ZST upgrade.
5.22.2 Zing memory fails to start with ZST 4.18.x kernels.

The /etc/zing/drop.conf configuration file is added to the Zing System Tools package for improved memory defragmentation (see bug 16404).


Cgroup support for 4.x kernels.


Improved handling of fragmented memory when starting Zing JVM in reserve-at-launch mode and when starting zing-memory service in reserve-at-config mode.

5.21.6 Zing-memory fails to start when vormetric agent is enabled.

Temporarily allocate 4k chunks of memory when there are active file mappings in the buffer cache to overcome 2M allocation failure on RHEL7 systems.

5.21.4 A race condition in VMA manipulation leads to zero byte zing cores.

The system service Zing Systems Tools now uses systemd (if available) instead of sysvinit (init.d scripts) on RHEL/CentOS.

5.21.3 Graceful VM Error reporting (hs_err_pid) support for the libc_hooks errors.

insmod error when using ZST or lower version of rheldkms package with dkms 2.5.



Zing ignores memory constraints enforced by cgroups in a container environment.

5.21.1 Support for Linux kernel 4.15.*.

ZST 5.21.0 version of zing-ps now displays valid information when run with an older version of ZST.

5.21.0 Zing core bundler can bundle core files without gdb.

Uninstalling  ZST on Amazon Linux displays warning messages when rpm is upgraded. Ignore these warning messages.

warning: file /lib/modules/zing-driver/extra/zm_linux_3.4.57-48.42.amzn1.x86_64.o: remove failed: No such file or directory

warning: file /lib/modules/zing-driver/extra/zm_linux_3.4.48-45.46.amzn1.x86_64.o: remove failed: No such file or directory


Zing memory crashes with the following error: Unknown symbol kaiser_set_shadow_pgd (err 0).


Kernel crash on RHEL 5 systems when running zing-ps in a loop to print ZVM process information (Error message: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference).


zing-ps missing to print "Consolidated Summary" of memory usage when used along with --comma option.


Linux kernel bug caused by incorrect Zing memory management (at /var/lib/dkms/zing_mm/[5.20.*|5.21.*]/build/zm_mm.c:4801).


Running a ZVM on a machine with an enabled user-level Non-Uniform Memory Access Daemon (numad) daemon causes unexpected high system load average.


Kernel crash when running zing-ps in a loop to print ZVM process information (Error message: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference).


Long application pause times occur during New-To-Old/Old collections when collecting both the New and Old Generations.


Kernel crashes with the following error messages:

BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference

5.16.0 The zing-ps command should report "zing-memory is stopped. No Zing processes found." in all situations where zing-memory is not running.

Dumping non-Zing cores causes RHEL 5 systems to panic under certain conditions.


The java -version command reports an exception: Failed to reserve lower 2g address. error : 12. The fix changes the prereserve mmap in the libc_hooks init() to MAP_NORESERVE and PROT_NONE.

5.15.0 Deadlock is detected when trying to preload a third party library jemalloc.
5.15.0 Entering "default" for contingency memory when configuring ZST memory caused 0 size pool.

Unable to shutdown or startup Zing instances when running incompatible versions of ZVM and ZST.

5.12.0 Kernel may crash when configuring Zing memory on some SGI systems.

On Ubuntu 16.04, zing-ps reports the following error for non-root users:

Unable to open /proc/33639/maps: errno=13: Permission denied


On Ubuntu 16.04, when the zing-memory service is stopped, attempting to start a ZVM gives the following error:

Zing Error: The Zing memory device (/dev/zing_mm*) is not present.

Zing Error: Please make sure the device is shared with the container. See the Zing documentation for details.


Zing core bundler deletes Zing core when no space is left in the current working directory. Also introduces -output-dir argument to zing-core-bundler.

5.11.0 Server reboots without any info when using custom signal handler with Zing. This problem appeared because the NULL file table entry impedes obtaining the stored binary format.
5.11.0 Some SIGSEGV backtraces are not accurately reported in hs_err_pid*.log. The fix implements checking the az_mprobe return value before checking the protection bits on the page.
5.11.0 Unable to handle kernel paging request.
5.7.19 kill -SIGBUS generates incomplete core files.

mlockall interaction: if core dumps are collected during crashes in processes that made an mlockall, the core dumps would be partial and will not include Zing VMAs.

5.7.18 Allow shut down scripts to uninstall ZST if Zing services don't exist or they fail to stop.
5.7.18 The Pool License Server fails to start with JDK 8.
5.7.17 system-config-zing-core-pattern enables users to choose a destination directory for cores but does not honor this.

Not able to dump cores on containers when zing-core-pattern is enabled and the host does not have access to the specified directory which is mounted on the container.

5.7.17 Allow cores to be dumped to any configurable location.

Unable to launch Zing with reserve-at-launch policy even when sufficient memory is available.


Update zing-ps to work correctly with new policy of System Zing Memory reservation on process launch.

5.7.15 ps and zing-ps do not show detailed information for Cassandra processes running on Zing.

Support browsers updated with the fix for Logjam vulnerability. Upgrade to ZST 5.7.14 or above if you see (Error code: ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key.


Uninstalling ZST 5.7.11 on Amazon Linux displays a message. Ignore this message:

/bin/cat: /etc/redhat-release: No such file or directory


zing-licensed prints ERROR: Failed to verify Zing license '/etc/zing/license', but ZVM can start as long as license is indeed valid.

5.7.12 does not link against a specific version of libazsys, libc_hooks and libazprof, resulting in errors such as:

java: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

5.7.12 Add support for Oracle Linux- 2.6.39-400.246.2.el6uek.x86_64, 2.6.39-400.249.3.el5uek.x86_64, 2.6.39-400.249.3.el6uek.x86_64



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