Get Started with Zing® on SLES

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These instructions will guide you through the easy process to try Zing on SLES 11 and SLES 12.

Note: Our software distributions are signed by an OpenPGP key when appropriate. To verify your download, see Product Signing Keys (OpenPGP) for details.

Step 1: Install Zing

Install Zing by using an Azul System repository that corresponds to your environment.

    1. Import Azul's public key:
    sudo rpm --import
    1. Attach the Yum repository.

    For SLES 11:

    sudo zypper addrepo zing

    For SLES 12:

    sudo zypper addrepo zing
    1. Run the following commands to install Zing:
    sudo zypper install zing-jdk1.8.0
    1. Increase the limit for virtual memory usage:
    sudo ulimit -v unlimited

Once you verified Zing installation, proceed with the post-installation steps.

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