About the JMX Console

To start the JMX Console and connect to a JVM of your choice, right-click the JVM in the JVM Browser tab and choose Start JMX Console from the context menu.

Example of the JMX Console

Figure. Example of the JMX Console: Overview

The JMX Console displays the Overview tab with the JMX Data Persistence Settings panel, the Dashboard panel, the Processor graph, and the Memory graph by default.

To customize the layout of the Overview tab, click the Add attributes button in the top right corner and add counters of your choice.

Use tabs at the bottom of the JMX console, to switch to other views to check the most important information that you need:

  • MBean Browser provides an interface for monitoring and managing Java application performance.
  • Triggers allows to track runtime issues.
  • System displays system properties for making a recording.
  • Memory helps you monitor the efficientcy of your application when using memory resources.
  • Threads displays a graph with real-time usage of live threads by your application.
  • Diagnostic Commands allows to monitor the efficiency and performance of a Java application.