Zulu Mission Control

Release Date: April 5, 2021

Document Version: 1.0

Last Modified: April 07, 2021

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This page explains what's new in Zulu Mission Control

What's New

Resolved Issues

Known Issues and Workarounds

What's New

  • New major version of Zulu Mission Control was released.

  • JOverflow has been converted to SWT and included in the base Mission Control distribution. JOverflow TreeMap view has been introduced. Now, when analyzing a heap, you can view all types of objects as a tree and drill-down them to identify the source of the memory leak. To open the view: go to Window > Show view > Other... > JOverflow > JOverflow TreeMap.

  • Flight Recorder was updated with the following features:

    • Flame View has been improved. Now you can display the aggregated stack traces for the selected recorded events as a Flame Graph or as an Icicle Graph (inverted).
      To open the view: go to Window > Show view > Other... > Mission Control > Flame View.

    • Graph View has been introduced. An EA version of the view is now available on the Method Profiling page. The graph displays methods as nodes and calls from one method to another as arrows.
      To open the view: go to Window > Show view > Other... > Mission Control > Graph View.
      Note, the graph pruning is not yet available. Therefore it will take a long time to compose and render a large graph and cause the user interface to freeze. To avoid that, use the Max Nodes option to limit the number of nodes.

    • Predecessors and Successors tabs have been returned to the Method Profiling page. Now you can select (on the Top Method tab) the method where the JVM spends most of its time during application execution and view all methods from which it was called (on the Predecessors tab) as well as methods called from it (on the Successors tab).

Resolved Issues

The following table lists issues resolved in the April 2021 release of Zulu Mission Control

Resolved Issues

Patch ID in
OpenJDK Bug DB

JMC-7131 Uitests failing on Windows
JMC-7130 JfrThreadsPageTest (UI-test) fails (part 2)
JMC-7121 Unhandled exception while working with Thread Graphs
JMC-7120 Charts in custom pages are not auto refreshed
JMC-7106 | Update to the release splash screen for JMC 8
JMC-7104 The PDE wizard does not work with Rules 2.0
JMC-7093 Wrong copyright year
JMC-7090 [JFR Writer] Make constant pool optional when registering a new type
JMC-7088 Show concurrent option showing lesser number of records.
JMC-7081 Update Copyright year to 2021, Validate and update license attributes
JMC-7079 Numeric values in automated analysis summary is not resolved
JMC-7078 Update the p2-maven-plugin to 1.5.0
JMC-7076 Rules and Analysis code has exceptions during uitests
JMC-7073 Exceptions in FlameGraph
JMC-7063 JfrThreadsPageTest (UI-test) fails
JMC-7062 Update to the Eclipse 2020-12 platform
JMC-7057 Update Copyright year in About dialog and update site landing page
JMC-7055 Flameview manifest is exporting non-existent package
JMC-7052 The link to BellSoft LMC should be updated
JMC-7048 No matter how funny java.rmi.server.hostname resolves, you should alway be able to connect to yourself
JMC-7040 Event list is not updated and Stack trace stale upon Set as Focused Selection
JMC-7039 Timestamp granularity too coarse
JMC-7036 Invoke converters/stringify for event fields and return values
JMC-7033 Allow overriding the id (name) of the event type
JMC-7032 The banner is missing from help page
JMC-7029 In the event configuration the event name should be renamed label
JMC-7028 The ids are wrong in the agent tests
JMC-7027 Avoid NPE for callers of TransformRegistry#getTransformData
JMC-7016 JAWS only read “link” on letter small A and big A for welcome page
JMC-7008 Agent should properly support Class and Thread
JMC-7002 Too large graphs will freeze JMC
JMC-7001 Missing chromium binary message on MacOS X
JMC-7000 Update third party library used in flightrecorder.flameview
JMC-6996 Properly support converters
JMC-6988 Initial implementation of JFR binary format writer
JMC-6986 "Flight Recorder" is not working as expected for localhost Connection
JMC-6982 CoreLibs: Add license and TPL info to sources and javadocs
JMC-6974 Try to use the chromium SWT browser by default on windows
JMC-6973 New Method Profiling Page for JMC
JMC-6965 Thirdparty licenses missing in core, Maven plugins version update
JMC-6964 [Agent] Automatically open base module for accessing Unsafe on JDK 11+
JMC-6961 Fix rules test
JMC-6960 Update Copyright year and Welcome page
JMC-6959 Fix agent tests
JMC-6951 [core] Missing license.txt in core artifacts
JMC-6948 Add union to QuantityRange
JMC-6947 Allow executable name to show up in JPS
JMC-6946 There should be an option to build the agent in the build script
JMC-6945 Create build script for Windows
JMC-6944 build.sh does not correctly run UI tests due to not running p2 site
JMC-6942 The README is showing the wrong syntax for the build script
JMC-6941 build.sh does not terminate jetty after executing "--packageJmc"
JMC-6940 build.sh test arguments wrong
JMC-6929 Remove obsolete .hgignore file
JMC-6925 Cache the local maven repo between runs
JMC-6917 Clean warnings in the agent project
JMC-6916 JOverflow treemap listener depending on internal SWT class
JMC-6915 JMC dev launchers do not include JOverflow
JMC-6914 Fix windows check formatting script
JMC-6913 Add daemon thread information to the console threads view
JMC-6911 Third Party Upgrade to HdrHistogram 2.1.12
JMC-6910 Missing manifest prevents agent jar from running
JMC-6909 Upgrade to Eclipse 2020-09
JMC-6908 Rule for warning about the starting of processes
JMC-6905 Add rule for heap dumps
JMC-6902 Console plug-ins with icons not found will fail
JMC-6900 Switch from IPredicate to Predicate
JMC-6899 Upgrade core to 8
JMC-6898 Installing from IDE update site complains about missing LZ4 plug-in
JMC-6897 Remove unused javax imports
JMC-6895 Agent Instrumentation fails to emit events when the instrumented class has a different/custom ClassLoader
JMC-6889 Provide build script for making it easier to build JMC
JMC-6887 Agent Instrumentation fails silently if method descriptors don"t match
JMC-6886 Agent ASM components are constructed with the wrong version of Opcodes
JMC-6885 VM_OPERATION_DURATION aggregator does not filter on type
JMC-6882 Method Profiling lacks icon in the Java Application View
JMC-6878 Update Spotbugs latest version in jmc 8.0.0 source
JMC-6875 Add agent MXBean operation to return instrumented xml configuration
JMC-6873 Too many unnecessary missing resource exceptions thrown
JMC-6871 Upgrade to ASM 8.0.1
JMC-6870 defineEventProbes is incorrect when probes occupy different classes
JMC-6869 Fix formatting error
JMC-6864 Schema definition doesn"t have optional ReturnValue "name" property
JMC-6859 Correction in JMC welcome page
JMC-6858 Thread dump does not show complete call stack based for all threads (grouped by time)
JMC-6855 Should add information about where to get builds to README
JMC-6852 Extracted layout for the JMC RCP binaries look not the same for Linux/Windows
JMC-6847 Add 2020-06 platform
JMC-6846 Parser needs to skip events with no metadata
JMC-6840 [Accessibility, JAWS] "Start Using JMC" link in Welcome Page is not traversable using Keyboard
JMC-6837 More formal tone in the agent settings
JMC-6835 Adding developer guide for getting started with development
JMC-6833 Error when viewing the Java Application page
JMC-6831 Add chunk ranges to IItemCollections
JMC-6825 JMX defineEventProbes fails when no events in XMLDescriptor
JMC-6819 Agent instrumentation causing stack map frame verification error
JMC-6812 Rules 2.0
JMC-6810 Create treemap viewer for JOverflow
JMC-6805 Event emission only on exceptions
JMC-6801 Improve stackdepth setting rule
JMC-6787 Simplified stack trace tree model
JMC-6785 Compiler warning cleanup
JMC-6784 Cleanup agent compiler warnings
JMC-6767 Empty filter regex should not be compiled
JMC-6766 Add heap usage before and after GC to the Garbage Collections table
JMC-6753 JMC Help Documentation requires corrections
JMC-6745 Surface hidden annotated method information
JMC-6744 Add 2020-03 platform
JMC-6729 VM Operations rule uses instance fields
JMC-6725 Formalize agent probe definition XML schema and enforce validations
JMC-6724 Agent argument as a path to a probe definition XML should be optional
JMC-6715 Create operation to identify currently instrumented transforms
JMC-6712 Transformations defined in agent args not applied when loading dynamically
JMC-6710 Add rule to detect if an old version of Lucene is in use
JMC-6708 Set boundary for array size while parsing recording
JMC-6704 Warn when trying to open an LZ4 compressed recording
JMC-6702 Sanitize rule data
JMC-6701 Support LZ4 compressed recordings in JMC core
JMC-6700 Make Flame Graph compile on Photon
JMC-6699 Remove the photon platform
JMC-6698 SAPJVM not recognized as known (hotspot) VM
JMC-6697 Move agent out of core
JMC-6695 Build agent as part of checkin tests
JMC-6694 JDK8 RCP launch configurations should set -XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions
JMC-6693 Eclipse projects core/org.openjdk.jmc.jdp* should have the correct JRE target level
JMC-6692 JMC is asking to unlock Commercial Features on JFR enabled OpenJDK8
JMC-6691 The root of the flame graph could be improved
JMC-6690 Find a home for the Flame View in the JMC perspective
JMC-6689 Export (and print?) the flame graph
JMC-6688 Add a project definition for platform-definition-2019-12
JMC-6687 Add icon to the flame view to render as icicle graph
JMC-6686 Add a JMC FAQ to the JMC Wiki...
JMC-6685 Read primitives in parser when possible
JMC-6684 Add CONTRIBUTING.md file to the JMC project
JMC-6677 Search to highlight cells in the Flame View
JMC-6674 Inefficient finding of first start time and first last end times
JMC-6673 Update to Tycho 1.6.0 once released.
JMC-6672 Mission Control needs standardized JavaScript formatting
JMC-6671 DisjointBuilder is slow for large quantities of duration events
JMC-6670 Harmonize ~ Unclassifiable ~ across Flame View and Stacktrace View
JMC-6669 FlameGraphView tree calculation should (probably) be interruptable
JMC-6668 Move org.openjdk.jmc.jdp bundle from application to core
JMC-6665 .project files still exist for removed platform definitions
JMC-6663 Reloading the Flame Chart View in Linux displays file browser
JMC-6662 Switch to Eclipse 2019-12 (4.14)
JMC-6661 Agent tests for the JMX API can probably be simplified
JMC-6660 Agent JMX API should not return classes
JMC-6659 Update the "Showing X of Y events..."
JMC-6658 Remove unnecessary storing of pre-instrumented bytecode
JMC-6657 Add allocation pressure column to Memory and TLAB views
JMC-6656 Allow capturing field values with path syntax
JMC-6655 Should ignore the uitest recording created
JMC-6652 JCheck bug number verification too stringent
JMC-6651 Expose the magic bytes for Zip and GZip from the IOToolkit
JMC-6650 Primitive to Object conversion rule breaks on allocations outside TLABs
JMC-6643 VM Operations rule only looks for longest operation
JMC-6642 Ignoring JS libraries and dependency reduced pom
JMC-6640 Run spotless automatically for PRs
JMC-6639 Introduce spotless for the rest of the JMC project
JMC-6636 Introduce spotless for core
JMC-6632 Clean up the rule heuristics text
JMC-6631 Update version to 8.0.0
JMC-6630 Adding jcheck configuration file
JMC-6617 Better probe format for return values
JMC-6604 Switch the splash screen in mainline out for an 8.0 EA one
JMC-6588 Move JMC core to JDK 8
JMC-6583 Should be possible to filter and search in the Event Browser
JMC-6572 MBean retransform should be protected by permission checks
JMC-6554 Support JFR in OpenJDK 8
JMC-6549 Color flame chart based on package name
JMC-6542 Improve calls to render in the flame view
JMC-6534 String deduplication rule assumes only G1 has feature
JMC-6507 Use GraphViz to render stack traces
JMC-6487 The TOPIC word in topic constants should either be the first word or removed
JMC-6173 jmc -open requires full path
JMC-6000 Get rid of build warnings in the JMC agent
JMC-5734 Overflow in stacktrace tooltips on Mac
JMC-5721 Reintroduce the Percentage column
JMC-5709 Improve Biased lock revocation result text
JMC-5707 Add excludes for password checking rules
JMC-5706 JavaBlocking rule should report total block times
JMC-5700 Improve file and socket IO rule result texts
JMC-5604 Check bytecode verification flags
JMC-5603 Version specific help links in event type missing result
JMC-5067 Content assist uses too much screen area
JMC-4984 Label missing for Focus Selection combobox
JMC-4819 Improved tooltips and context menus for Stack Trace View
JMC-4454 Other JMC launched after this JMC is listed as "-XX:+UseG1GC" in JVM Browser
ZULU-6933 Make ZMC logo transparent on macOS
ZULU-19051 Make a transparent Zulu Misson Control icon

Known Issues and Workarounds

Problems with the JFR launcher plug-in

There is a compatibility issue with the experimental JFR launcher plug-in and other applications running in Eclipse on Linux, which can cause problems with launching applications.

Workaround: Do not install the experimental JFR launcher plug-in when installing ZMC in Eclipse on Linux. Or use two different installations of Eclipse - one for ZMC with the experimental JFR launcher plug-in and another for other applications.