Installation on Alpine Linux Using an APK Repository

The Zulu product package is a set of installation packages.

Zulu Package Name Description Dependencies
zuluX zuluX-jdk alias None
zuluX-jre-headless Headless Java Runtime (without GUI support) None
zuluX-jre Headful Java Runtime (with GUI support) zuluX-jre-headless
zuluX-jdk-headless Headless Java Development Kit (without GUI support) zuluX-jre-headless
zuluX-jdk Headful Java Development Kit (with GUI support)



zuluX-src Java Development Kit public source snapshot None
zuluX-doc Java Development Kit documentation (man pages) None
zuluX-demo Java Development Kit demos and examples zuluX-jdk

Where X is the Zulu version: 15, 13, 11, and 8.

  1. Log in as root or prefix the installation command with sudo.

  2. Complete the steps described in Add the APK Repository on Alpine Linux.

  3. Install a Zulu package.

    apk add <zulu_package_name>


    Zulu 8

    • To install zulu8-jre-headless, run:

      apk add zulu8-jre-headless

    • To install zulu8-jdk, run:

      apk add zulu8-jdk

See also Azul Repository Tips in Troubleshooting.