Installation on Linux Using RPM or DEB Package

This chapter explains how to install the Zulu RPM or DEB package using your OS package manager.

Before you install Zulu, complete the steps described in the section Preparing the Zulu Installation Platform.

  1. If you have not done it, go to the Downloads page and download the installation package to your machine.
  2. Installing with a package manager requires root privileges. Log in to your root account, or prefix the commands listed below with sudo.
  3. Install Zulu by running one of the following commands from the directory where you saved the installation package. Replace the <zulu_package> placeholder with an actual name of the package file.
    • For RHEL or Oracle Linux:

      sudo yum install <zulu_package>.rpm

    • For SLES:

      sudo zypper install <zulu_package>.rpm

    • For Ubuntu or Debian:

      sudo apt install ./<zulu_package>.deb

      The command may ask you to confirm that you want to install the dependencies.