Installation on Windows Using the Zulu MSI File

Before you install Zulu, complete the steps described in the section Preparing the Zulu Installation Platform.

  1. Download the installation package to your local Downloads folder.
  2. Choose a method for running the installer.
    1. To install Zulu in default location, run the package installer as Administrator, from the Windows command line:

      > msiexec /i <zulu_package>.msi /qn

      Zulu will be installed in C:\Program Files\Zulu\<zulu-jdk>\.

      Where jdk in <zulu-jdk> stands for the version of Zulu you plan to install, for example, zulu-11.

    2. To install Zulu in a non-default location, run the package installer as Administrator, from the Windows command line.

      Choose one of the following options:

      • Install Zulu in a specific directory:

        > msiexec /i <zulu_package>.msi INSTALLDIR="<absolute_path_to_dir>" /qn

        Example to make java.exe available as c:\java\jdk8\bin\java.exe:

        > msiexec /i zulu8.42-sa-jdk8.0.232-win_x64.msi INSTALLDIR="c:\java\jdk8" /qn

      • Install Zulu in the zulu-jdk folder at a specific location:

        > msiexec /i <zulu_package>.msi APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY="<absolute_path_to_dir>" /qn

        The \<zulu-jdk>\ folder will be created in the specified directory, and Zulu will be installed in it.

        Example to make java.exe available at c:\java\zulu-8\bin\java.exe:

        > msiexec /i zulu8.42-sa-jdk8.0.232-win_x64.msi APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY="c:\java" /qn

    3. To install Zulu using the Setup Wizard, double-click the <zulu_package>.msi file, make your selections and click Next as the screens are displayed. Screens include:

      1. Welcome page

      2. Destination Folder page

        Accept the default destination folder C:\Program Files\Zulu\<zulu-jdk>, or click Change to enter an alternative destination.

        Change destination Folder window

        Select or create a different directory through Look in option. However, if you alter the installation path, the \<zulu_jdk> subdirectory will not be created and selected directory becomes the root Zulu directory. For example, if you select C:\temp, Zulu will be installed into the C:\temp directory and the path to java.exe will be C:\temp\bin\java.exe.

        Click OK to confirm your choice.

      3. Ready to install page.

        Click Install to start the installation.



The Zulu MSI Installer updates the PATH environment variable with Zulu installation directory and creates .jar file association with Java launcher.

For details on Windows registry keys, see Zulu MSI Installer and Windows Registry Settings.