Add Paths to Zulu on Windows

Complete the steps appropriate to your operating system context.

  • Create a JAVA_HOME environment variable with the path to the installation folder.

    To permanently apply this change, use the Environment Variables dialog. See Appendix: Updating Windows Environment Variables for additional information.

    To temporarily apply this change, use the set command.

    > set JAVA_HOME="<zulu_dir>\<zulu_jdk>\"

    Sample command:

    > set JAVA_HOME="C:\Program Files\Zulu\zulu-8\"

  • Update your Windows PATH variable to prepend the path, <zulu_dir>\<zulu_jdk>, to the Zulu OpenJDK \bin folder.

    > set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%

  • Add the path to your Java application .jar file to the PATH variable.

  • Add the path to your application Class files to the CLASSPATH variable. For example,