Checksum of Download Package on Windows

  1. Use your favorite program to calculate md5 sums.

    For example, md5sum is available as a part of installation of GNU tools.

  2. After downloading Zulu, at the Windows command line, run the checksum command.

    > md5sum <zulu_package>.msi

    Sample response

    730c347461955f055e1410d6c41f7b6d zulu1.8.0_31-


    334c9f28ac7f108f5c35db9cd8499962 zulu8.12.0.1-jdk8.0.71-win_x64.msi

  3. Check the MSI package signature. Right-click Properties/Digital Signatures.

    MSI packages are signed. Verify the name of the signer is Azul Systems, Inc.

  4. Proceed to the installation section corresponding to your operating system and Zulu installer package.