Installing the Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit

For Zulu JDK from 6 to 8, Zulu CCK is installed in addition to and after Zulu is installed. The installation process checks for a valid and corresponding Zulu version. For example, Zulu CCK 6 cannot be installed on a Zulu 7 installation. When versions checks pass, Zulu CCK applies the selected components to your installed Zulu instance.

For Zulu JDK from 6 to 8, the Zulu CCK ships in ZIP, shell script (.sh), and native installer packages: .msi, .rpm, and .deb.


The Bigelow & Holmes Lucida family fonts (Lucida Sans, Lucida Bright, and Lucida Typewriter) fonts are licensed by Azul from Monotype for internal use only. If your product plans require that these fonts be made available to your end customers, please contact your Azul representative immediately.