Zulu 11.2, 8.33, 8.32, 7.25, and 6.22 Release

Released 2018 December

Select Zulu 8 community distributions now include OpenJFX.

Zulu 11.2, 8.33, and 8.32 introduce support for musl for Alpine Linux. All future distributions of Zulu 11 and Zulu 8 for Alpine Linux will be based on musl libc.

Released 2018 October

Zulu 11.2, 8.33, 8.32, 7.25, and 6.22 release provides accumulated fixes reflecting October 2018 OpenJDK changes and additional fixes. New Java levels are updated on all platforms.

This Zulu release establishes support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 on Zulu 11.2, 8.33, 8.32, 7.25, and 6.22.

This release of Zulu contains IANA time zone data version 2018e.

Zulu 11.2 distribution packages do not include some optional OpenJDK features: the Graal compiler, the Hotspot Serviceability Agent, the AOT, and JVMCI modules. Please note that these features are not part of Java SE 11. They are additional items included in some specific packaging distributions, and mostly provide early access to experimental functionality.

Zulu follows the OpenJDK security roadmap. The following table shows the roadmap changes implemented in the October release.




JDK Levels

Applicable in Zulu

DES 11, 8, 7, 6 Disabled the TLS DES Cipher Suites.



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