Zulu 7.2 and 6.2 Release

Released 2014 January.

Zulu 7.2 for Windows represents an update from Zulu 7.0 and 7.1 for Java Standard Edition 7. New capability includes core OpenJDK revision to Java 1.7.0 update 45 and addition of Windows Server 2012 R2 as a supported platform. In addition to the Zip installer, a new MSI install file offers additional Zulu installation alternatives. Deployment contexts within the Azure Platform as a Service environment have been updated with the Zulu 7.2 Windows package.

Zulu 7.2 and Zulu 6.2 for Linux represents the first public Zulu release adding Linux as a supported platform. Packages for Java 7 update 45 and Java 6 in both Zip and RPM install types represent new Zulu architectures and installer types.

Zulu 7.2 passes the Technology Certification Toolkit (TCK) criteria for Java SE 7 and Zulu 6.2 passes the TCK criteria for Java SE 6. Reference platforms used for testing include RHEL 6.4, Windows 2012, and SLES 11 SP3, among others. In this respect Zulu 7.2 should remain drop-in compatible with applications using Oracle Hotspot, Oracle JRockit, IBM J9, and manually compiled OpenJDK for similar deployment OS contexts.

Zulu installation sets remain independent of each other. As such, you may install the Zulu 7.2 fileset into its own filesystem location and leave prior Zulu instances in place. Be sure to adjust your PATH and/or JAVA_HOME environment values on your system, as needed, for each Zulu installed location.

A copy of jHiccup, an open source tool from Azul for observing and quantifying pauses in Java programs, is included in a Zip file within the Zulu package. Unzip jHiccup to a writable folder, and follow its instructions for running jHiccup against any Zulu or any other JVM and for generating jHiccup charts with histograms of JVM latencies.

Fix for JConsole startup.

Zulu no longer limits itself to headless operation. Zulu by default handles headful mode on both Windows and Linux.

Zulu adopted OpenJDK 7 u45 as the basis for Zulu build 7.2.1 and OpenJDK 6 u42 (representing u28 plus many updates) as the basis for Zulu build 6.2.0



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