Zulu 8.15, 8.14, 7.14, and 6.12 Release

Released 2016 April

Zulu 8.15, 8.14, 7.14, and 6.12 release provides accumulated fixes reflecting April 2016 OpenJDK changes. New Java levels updated on all platforms.

Java Levels: Java SE 8, update 91 and update 92

Java Levels: Java SE 7, update 101

Java Levels: Java SE 6, update 115

Support for FreeType 2.6.3

Bug ID


7104 JDK-8149473 Fixed in Zulu 8.15: MethodHandle inlining with Long or Double arguments is broken in C2.
6966 n/a Java applications built on WinRun4J and Launch4J may fail to locate Zulu from MSI installer on Windows.
6823 n/a Zulu RPM raises warnings installing man pages when co-installing Zulu with Oracle JDK on CentOS.
5892 JDK-8133206 Zulu 8 error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread is caused by OpenJDK upgrade to zlib 1.2.8.
Total: 4



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