Zulu 8.23, 7.20, and 6.17 Release

Released 2017 July

Zulu 8.23, 7.20, and 6.17 release provides accumulated fixes reflecting July 2017 OpenJDK changes. New Java levels are updated on all platforms.

Zulu 8.23, 7.20, and 6.17 release enables support for Debian 9.0 (Stretch).

This release of Zulu comes with IANA time zone data version 2017b. For more information, see Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software.

Starting with this release, the java.util.zip.ZipFile.getEntry() method returns the ZipEntry instance with a '/' ended entry name for directory entry. You can revert to the previous behavior by setting jdk.util.zip.ensureTrailingSlash to false. See JDK-8185136 for more details.

Zulu follows the OpenJDK security roadmap. The following table shows the roadmap changes implemented in Zulu 8.23, 7.20, and 6.17.



JDK Levels

Applicable in Zulu

SHA-1 to SHA-256 for Timestamping 6 Time stamping in jarsigner will request SHA-256, rather than SHA-1 by default.
SHA-1 8, 7, 6 Disable SHA-1 in TLS Server certificate chains anchored by roots included by default in Oracle's JDK; local or enterprise CAs are not affected.



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