Zulu 9.0.1, 8.25, 7.21, and 6.18 Release

Released 2017 October

Zulu 9.0.1, 8.25, 7.21, and 6.17 release provides accumulated fixes reflecting October 2017 OpenJDK changes. New Java levels are updated on all platforms.

The new crypto.policy Security property has been added to control JCE jurisdiction policy files used by the JDK. By default, this property is undefined. It can be defined in the java.security file, or it can be set dynamically using the Security.setProperty() call before the JCE framework has been initialized.

Another new system property, jdk.security.defaultKeySize, has been introduced to configure the default key size used by the JDK provider implementations of KeyPairGenerator and AlgorithmParameterGenerator.

Support for FreeType 2.8.1

Starting with this release, ZCCK binaries are available for Zulu 9.

Zulu follows the OpenJDK security roadmap. The following table shows the roadmap changes implemented in October release.



JDK Levels

Applicable in Zulu

DSA, SHA224withDSA, SHA256withDSA 6 Add support for the SHA224withDSA and SHA256withDSA signature algorithms and DSA keys with sizes up to 2048 bits.
DSA 8, 7, 6

Upgrade the jarsigner and keytool -sigalg default to SHA256withDSA and the -keysize default to 2048 for DSA keys.

The DSA KeyPairGenerator implementation of the SUN provider no longer implements java.security.interfaces.DSAKeyPairGenerator. Applications which cast the SUN provider's DSA KeyPairGenerator object to a java.security.interfaces.DSAKeyPairGenerator can set the system property jdk.security.legacyDSAKeyPairGenerator.



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