Support for Apple Silicon


This Azul Zulu™ release includes macOS builds for the new Mac devices based on Apple Silicon, which Apple announced on November 10, 2020.

The following builds are now available for download from the Azul website: Zulu (8.0.275), Zulu11.43.1007 (, zulu13.35.1009 (, and Zulu16.0.65 (16.0.0) EA. These builds are based on the latest Zulu binaries released in November 2020.

With the latest versions of Zulu macOS builds, you can use, develop, and debug your Java applications on new Apple Silicon Macs.


When installing the Zulu DMG package on an Apple Silicon-based Mac computer, you may be prompted to install Rosetta 2, a binary translator required to run Intel-based apps on Apple Silicon.

Just confirm the installation and proceed with installing Zulu.

Known Limitations

The following features are not guaranteed to work on the new platform:

  • Zulu 16, 13, and 11

    Application Class Data Sharing

    Ahead-of-Time Compilation (Experimental)

    Graal JIT Compiler (Experimental)

  • Zulu 8

    Hotspot Serviceability Agent