Running Zulu

Deployment Targets

Zulu offers a stable JDK development kit, and runtime JVM runtime for server applications authored in Java. For production environments, Zulu works in bare OS, virtualized OS, or cloud hosted contexts. Zulu implements the Java SE standard, so can be used in any application architecture that likewise adheres to Java SE standards. Zulu does not implement the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) specification; however Zulu can be used as runtime core for containers and services that do implement JEE functionality. Zulu also does not implement Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) and it does not have a browser plugin or Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP).

In development or testing environments, Zulu supplies base tools for debugging and runtime inspection, as well as the Java source code compiler (javac). Configure Zulu to host your target under test to further ensure consistency with your production deployments.

Cloud deployments in both Azure (VM and VHD) and Amazon (EC2 or S3) involve installing Zulu onto hosted virtual machine instances. Once you create a virtual machine instance, you can clone the VM and reuse Zulu in each instance. In Azure, Zulu systems appear in the Azure portal as Gallery items, able to instantiate new virtual machines with Zulu preinstalled. See the Zulu Installation Guide for more cloud deployment details.

Performance and Standards

JVM runtime performance varies with workload and set of enabled flags, but in general should match OpenJDK and remain comparable to other OpenJDK derived JVMs. Other vendor specific optimizations, extensions, or responses based on non-standard X or XX variables have no guarantee of working inside Zulu unless they already also work in base OpenJDK.

Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit

The Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit (Zulu CCK) provides non-open source enhancements to Zulu 8, Zulu 7, Zulu 6. It includes its own licensing. Zulu CCK features include support for Monotype fonts, Rhino JavaScript Engine (for Java 7). See the Zulu Installation Guide for more Zulu CCK details. You can download the CCK here.