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Zing Virtual Machine Release Notes

Release date: December 18, 2020

Version 1.0

Changes made in Zing Virtual Machine are summarized on this page.

What's New

Below is the list of new features and updates introduced in Zing Virtual Machine

October 2020 PSU Release

ZVM incorporates additional non-security changes associated with the October Patch Set Updates (PSU) 2020 OpenJDK 7u285, OpenJDK 8u275, OpenJDK, and OpenJDK release contents.

Performance Improvement

ZVM introduces an enhanced induction variable analysis and range checks removal mechanism. Particularly, improved range check elimination capabilities for decrementing loops of the following type:

for (int i = array.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) { array[i] = ... }

Resolved Issues

The following table contains issues resolved in the release of Zing Virtual Machine

Bug ID Description

Backport of JDK-8202837 and JDK-8214513 to Java 8.


Setting InitalHeapSize and MaxHeapSize the same fails in non-ZST mode. This affects applications such as ElasticSearch which insists that Initial Heap Size be equal to Maximum Heap Size.


JarFile constructor exception in JDK 11.0.8.


System data collected for GC logging could cause oom-killer invocation and kernel panic when java is launched under the root user.

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