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Azul Intelligence Cloud Documentation

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Azul Intelligence Cloud is an agentless cloud service that allows users to continuously monitor their Java applications to detect known vulnerabilities in production, and request different types of reports. It is a SaaS product that leverages Azul JVMs to help organizations understand their Java application exposure to known vulnerabilities based on real usage patterns in production and dev/test with a low false positive rate, that is updated continuously.

Why Now

Business and technical leaders are faced with securing enterprise systems and customer data against explosive growth of known vulnerabilities in 3rd party software components and applications. In Q1 2022 alone there were 200+ known vulnerabilities (CVEs) in 3rd party Java applications and components, many with the highest risk score, cutting across thousands of contributors. Failure to detect and patch known vulnerabilities in their Java application estates can expose organizations to significant impact and cost, including financial penalties, compromise of customer data, lower market capitalization, and turnover in executive staff.

Getting Started

To use Azul Intelligence Cloud in your organization, follow these steps:

  1. Request a trial account via [email protected]

  2. Set up your environment with a Forwarder (this has to be done only once per environment).

  3. Set up a JVM for Azul Intelligence Cloud