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What is Azul Intelligence Cloud?

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Azul Intelligence Cloud connects previously self-reliant JVMs to remain self-reliant, but enables runtime and application security analysis. Vulnerability Detection helps security, understanding where/how vulnerable code is loaded. And with Code and Component Inventory you get deep insights into the use of the code and components in your Java production environment.

Collect Information from your JVMs

Azul Intelligence Cloud is a production-speed software composition analyzer. By using the JVM to retain information about loaded code, Azul Intelligence Cloud can apply analysis to look back and see where new vulnerabilities are used and/or present, and what code and components are used.

When Java applications launch with vulnerability detection, the JVM operates at full speed with an asynchronous collector, the Forwarder, that communicates with Azul Intelligence Cloud. This data can later detect standard JAR files, shaded JARs, flattened JARs, and other packaging types.

By working in the JVM itself, the collector operates at peak speed and does not rely on instrumentation — this independence can collect data from applications where jlink removed the java.instrument module.

Services Provided by Azul Intelligence Cloud

The collected data is used by Azul Intelligence Cloud to give you insights into: