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Using the Azul Intelligence Cloud Agent

The Intelligence Cloud Agent is an optional component that enables Intelligence Cloud functionality with older versions of Azul, as well as non-Azul JVMs.

Use Azul Intelligence Cloud Agent when:

  • You do not know what JVM you are using.

  • You are using a JVM from a different vendor than Azul.

  • You are using an Azul JVM from before 2023.

You don’t need the Azul Intelligence Cloud Agent when:

  • You are using an Azul JVM from 2023 or more recent.

The Intelligence Cloud Agent is designed for wide compatibility and will not conflict with natively-supported versions of the Azul JVM.

Provided Features

By using the Azul Intelligence Cloud Agent, the following features of Azul Vulnerability Detection become available:

  • JVM Inventory: Get a list of running JVM instances.

  • Vulnerability detection: Get a report of the detected vulnerabilities.

  • Component Inventory: Get an overview of the dependencies and versions.

Supported Platforms

The Azul Intelligence Cloud Agent is supported in Java 8 through 22 and is independent of the Operating System or CPU architecture.

Installation and Usage Instructions

  • Download the latest version of the Azul Intelligence Cloud Agent.

    • You can check ic-agent.json for a list of available downloads.

    • You can also download the agent from the Web UI > Settings > Agent.

  • Put the agent to an easy to locate directory on the systems where you run your Java applications, e.g. /opt/azul-ic-agent/. In the following examples, this directory is referred as ${AGENTDIR}.

Configure Security Manager

Most Java applications do not use the SecurityManager, which was deprecated in Java 17. Some older applications that use the SecurityManager may need the following policy configuration:

grant codeBase "jar:file:${AGENTDIR}/ic-agent-accessor.jar!/" { permission; }; grant codeBase "jar:file:${AGENTDIR}/ic-agent.jar!/" { permission; };

Export Agent in Startup Options

Export the following startup options on your runtime environment to attach the Intelligence Cloud Agent to your application.

export JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS="-javaagent:${AGENTDIR}/ic-agent.jar=accessor=${AGENTDIR}/ic-agent-accessor.jar \ -DaagentDir=${AGENTDIR} \${AGENTDIR}/agent.all.policy"

You can configure the behaviour of the agent further in detail, see CRS Arguments.

Detect Installed Version

At startup of an application with the Azul Intelligence Cloud Agent, the following info is logged:

[][info] Azul IC Agent 1.0.93 (4faa954+) started with args='enable=true,...' and disabled accessor.