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How To Use the Search Filters

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Reports within the Azul Intelligence Cloud Web UI can be generated with an API call, or through the search filters.

Query Generator

Each search box in the Web UI shows a list of available options as soon as you start typing. This prevents errors and makes it easy to create correct queries.

Building a filter query Building a filter query Building a filter query

Date Selection

Wherever a date can be selected, a popup is used that shows the available options:

  • Absolute: Select an exact date and time. Double click on a date to select either "12:00 AM" or "11:59 PM" for the start or end of day.

  • Relative: Select the number of days or months for the start or end of a report.

  • Quick select: List of periods, for example, Today, Yesterday, Last week, Current year…​ This changes both the start and end date for the filter.

Absolute date selection Relative date selection Quick date selection