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Azul Mission Control Additional Features

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Apart from the functionality that is available in Java Mission Control from OpenJDK, Azul Mission Control has special features designed for a better user experience and deeper integration with Azul products. Most of these features are related to working with Azul Zulu Prime JVMs and are described below.

Internal JVM threads

Azul Mission Control can distinguish application threads from internal JVM threads (for example, GC threads) if the monitored JVM is Azul Zulu Prime. You can toggle internal threads in the flight recording interface.

Internal threads

Azul Zulu Core/Prime JVM recognition

Azul Mission Control can recognize Azul Zulu Core and Azul Zulu Prime JVMs. For Azul Zulu Prime JVMs, the application marks the JVM connection node with [Zing] as shown in the image below:

MBean Browser tab

Live Objects for Azul Zulu Prime

Flight recordings made for Azul Zulu Prime JVMs include information about the JVM’s live objects. This data is available in the "Zing Live Objects" section.

Live Objects tab

Other Distinctions

  • GC configuration fields ("Parallel GC Thread", "Use Dinamic GC threads" , "GC time Ratio", "Initial Heap Size", "Minimum heap size", "New ratio", "Initial Tenuring threshold") are disabled when working with Azul Zulu Prime JVMs. Use GC Log Analyzer to get detailed GC activity metrics for Azul Zulu Prime JVMs.

  • The "MBean Server" VM version is displayed as "Zing 64-Bit Tiered VM version"