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Analyzing a JFR Recording

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You can analyze recordings with Azul Mission Control in the following ways:

  • Load an existing recording with "File" > "Open File…​" on the Azul Mission Control toolbar to open an existing .jfr file.

  • Drag and drop a .jfr file into Azul Mission Control.

  • Start a recording of a running application, as described here. The recorded data is stored to a .jfr file. When such a recording is finished, the results are displayed.

After loading a recording, Azul Mission Control displays an automated analysis result as shown below.

The overview screen displays recorded data split into categories. Click a node to investigate the corresponding category details.

  • Java Application: Includes data about the recorded Java program workflow: threads life cycle, I/O activity, Exceptions thrown, etc.

  • JVM Internals: Holds JVM activity metrics: Class loading, Garbage collection indices, and other events.

  • Environment: Holds data about the environment where the JVM runs.

  • Event Browser: Displays all the JVM recorded events in the form of a tree.