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Timezone Updater

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Every release of Azul Zulu includes an up-to-date IANA time zone database. However, if you want to update the time zone files in an existing installation of Azul Zulu without installing a new version, you can use the ZIUpdater tool.

Follow these steps to update the time zone files.

  1. Download ZIUpdater from

    Unpack the downloaded file. The tool is a Java archive (ziupdater-, which is cross-platform and supports all Azul Zulu versions.

  2. Download the latest timezone database:

  3. (For Azul Zulu 7 only) Convert the IANA tzdata into the rearguard format.

    Starting with the 2018e version, the Time Zone distribution uses a new vanguard format. The ZIUpdater tool does not support this format for Azul Zulu 7. To use ZIUpdater with Azul Zulu 7, you must build the tzdata tarball in the rearguard format.

  4. Stop any programs that are running on java from your Azul Zulu installation.

  5. Run the tool:

    java -jar ziupdater- -l file://<path to tzdata archive>