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Install CCK

Supported Azul Zulu Versions

The following table lists Azul Zulu versions for which CCK is available.

Azul Zulu Version CCK Version

8.2 and later


7.6 and later


6.5 and later


CCK Content

CCK adds the following files to the Azul Zulu JDK installation:

Content Files

Monotype fonts

  • jre/lib/fonts

  • jre/lib/oblique-fonts

Monotype license

  • etc/ThirdPartyLicenses.txt

Rhino JavaScript Engine (CCK 7 only)

  • jre/lib/azul-rhino-<version>.jar

  • jre/lib/ext/rhino-<version>.jar

  • jre/lib/rhino.jar

How to install CCK

The Commercial Compatibility Kit can only be installed on top of your Azul Zulu installation.

Download CCK

If you installed Azul Zulu using one of the installable packages (MSI, DEB, RPM,…​), you should download CCK in the same format. If you use Azul Zulu ZIP or TAR.GZ archive, download the CCK ZIP or .sh file.

You can find the different CCK downloads on the Azul website.

Install CCK

Install CCK from ZIP archive on Windows

  1. Download the CCK Zip package for Windows.

  2. The CCK zip package contains a batch file called zcck-<version>-win64.bat. The file adds the CCK content to your Azul Zulu JDK installation. Run the script as administrator (right-click on the file and choose Run as Administrator).

Install CCK from ZIP archive on Linux

  1. Download the CCK shell file (.sh) for Linux (select the desired architecture). The script is called zcck<version>

  2. Run the script as administrator.

    sudo sh
  3. When the script asks for the Azul Zulu installation folder, type the full path. Note that the installation folder may be different for specific OS and installation method.

Review the license

After you install CCK, review the third party license file: