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Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint Exceptions

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During the creation of a checkpoint, the system can throw exceptions if an open file or socket prevented the creation of the checkpoint. When a checkpoint can be created successfully, the JVM will stop running (default behavior). But in case of a checkpoint exception, the application will continue to run.

The possible exceptions can be found in the sources of the project on GitHub.


  • The checkpoint can’t be created because there is a listening socket.

  • The exception may be reported several times, for each socket independently.

  • The exception message specifies socket local and remote address and port.

CheckpointOpenSocketException: tcp6 localAddr :: localPort 8080 remoteAddr :: remotePort 0


  • The checkpoint can’t be created because there is an open file.

  • The exception message specifies the path to the file.

CheckpointOpenFileException: /home/user/someFile.txt


  • There is some native resource open that is not socket nor file.