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About Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit

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The Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit (CCK) was created to narrow the gap between OpenJDK and Oracle JDK. When Sun released OpenJDK, many of the third party components that were present in the Sun Hotspot JDK required open source replacements. Not all components could be made open at that time, and some of them persist today and may cause compatibility problems when you move from Oracle JDK to a build of OpenJDK. These components of the closed-source Oracle JDK are not included in the OpenJDK project. They are not included in Azul Zulu as well because Azul Zulu is based on OpenJDK. The Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit is an add-on for Azul Zulu that provides alternatives to some of the missing components, but itself is not open-source.

CCK is available for Azul Zulu 6, 7, and 8 and includes the following components:

  • Monotype fonts.

  • Monotype license in RTF format.

  • Rhino JavaScript engine (in CCK 7 only)

The Bigelow & Holmes Lucida family fonts (Lucida Sans, Lucida Bright, and Lucida Typewriter) fonts are licensed by Azul from Monotype for internal use only. If your product plans require that these fonts be available to your end customers, please contact your Azul representative.