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About ReadyNow Orchestrator

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ReadyNow Orchestrator is a component of Optimizer Hub that records and serves ReadyNow profiles. This greatly simplifies the operational use of ReadyNow when using in large fleets of containerized environments.

  • Centralized Profile Storage: You can configure your runtimes, using JVM command-line parameters, to use ReadyNow Orchestrator for profile recording. ReadyNow Orchestrator then records profiles from a meaningful subset of your JVMs, saving your profiles either on Optimizer Hub’s built-in storage or on your S3-like object storage.

  • Profile Training and Optimization: ReadyNow Orchestrator also takes care of recording multiple training generations of your profile to produce the best possible optimization profile. ReadyNow Orchestrator then picks the best profile out of all the possible candidates and streams it to any new JVM that is configured to request that profile.

  • Providing Profiles to JVMs: ReadyNow Orchestrator automatically serves the best profile to newly started JVMs.

Key Strengths of ReadyNow Orchestrator

  • No change to your deployment profile to manually record and distribute your ReadyNow profiles. Everything is configured with a few JVM command-line parameters.

  • ReadyNow Orchestrator monitors your entire fleed of JVMs and picks the best optimization profile rather than just using the profile produced by one JVM.

  • Easy streaming of profiles into and out of containers, removing the need to configure persistent storage or bake profiles into images each time you build a new image.