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Configuring the Active Optimizer Hub Services

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Optimizer Hub can run in different modes:

  • Full: both the Cloud Native Compiler and ReadyNow Orchestrator are available.

    This is the default configuration.

  • ReadyNow only: only the ReadyNow Orchestrator is available.

    Use the installation instructions below.

Install Only the ReadyNow Orchestrator

To install with only the ReadyNow Orchestrator, pass in values-disable-compiler.yaml, together with your values-override.yaml:

$ helm install opthub opthub-helm/azul-opthub \ -n my-opthub \ -f values-override.yaml \ -f values-disable-compiler.yaml

Disabling Cloud Native Compiler on a Full Optimizer Hub Installation

If you installed a full installation of full Optimizer Hub with Cloud Native Compiler and ReadyNow Orchestrator, you can still disable Cloud Native Compiler by:

  • Reinstalling as specified above.

  • Or disable the Cloud Native Compiler globally using the compilations.parallelism.limitPerVm setting, with the value 0, to override the default value of 500.