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Optimizer Hub Generic Defaults

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Optimizer Hub is shipped as a Helm chart with all the defaults as specified in the values.yaml file. Here you find a list of the most important generic values that can be modified to match Optimizer Hub to your environment.

Specific settings can be found on the configuration pages of the service itself, for example, "Configuring the ReadyNow Orchestrator > ReadyNow Orchestrator Defaults".

Database Parameters

Option Description Default


Define wether the database node is installed.

Is set to false in ReadyNow Orchestrator only mode, using values-disable-compiler.yaml


Database Schema Paramaters

Option Description Default

If enabled, will automatically recover from database pod restarts with loss of schema.

If you have a database and this database is not using a persistence volume, this setting must be set to true, otherwise you will need manual interaction if the pod is restored.


Storage Parameters

Storage parameters depend on the platform of your deployment: