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Documentation for Optimizer Hub, version 1.9.2

Optimizer Hub is a component of Azul Platform Prime that makes your Java programs start fast and stay fast. It consists of two services:

  • Cloud Native Compiler: Provides a server-side optimization solution that offloads JIT compilation to separate and dedicated service resources, providing more processing power to JIT compilation while freeing your client JVMs from the burden of doing JIT compilation locally.

  • ReadyNow Orchestrator: Records and serves ReadyNow profiles. This greatly simplifies the operational use of the ReadyNow, and removes the need to configure any local storage for writing the profile. ReadyNow Orchestrator can record multiple profile candidates from multiple JVMs and promote the best recorded profile.

You can run both services with the default installation, or ReadyNow Orchestrator only, depending on your use case.
Check the Architecture Overview to understand the components within the Optimizer Hub system.

Interaction Between Optimizer Hub and JVMs

Interaction Between Optimizer Hub and JVMs
  1. ReadyNow in the JVM asks ReadyNow Orchestrator in Optimizer Hub for a profile.

  2. In the JVM, ReadyNow instructs Falcon what to compile based on the profile.

  3. ReadyNow in the JVM sends back a new version of the profile to ReadyNow Orchestrator in Optimizer Hub.

  4. Falcon in the JVM asks the Cloud Native Compiler in Optimizer Hub to compile the code (optional).

  5. Cloud Native Compiler in Optimizer Hub sends the compiled code back to Falcon in the JVM (optional).