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Configuring the Active Optimizer Hub Services

Optimizer Hub can run in different modes:

  • Full: both the Cloud Native Compiler and ReadyNow Orchestrator are available.

    This is the default configuration.

  • ReadyNow only: only ReadyNow Orchestrator is available.

    Use the installation instructions below.

Install Only ReadyNow Orchestrator

To install with only ReadyNow Orchestrator, pass in values-disable-compiler.yaml, together with your values-override.yaml:

helm install opthub opthub-helm/azul-opthub \ -n my-opthub \ -f values-override.yaml \ -f values-disable-compiler.yaml

Disabling Cloud Native Compiler on a Full Optimizer Hub Installation

If you installed a full installation of full Optimizer Hub with Cloud Native Compiler and ReadyNow Orchestrator, you can still disable Cloud Native Compiler by:

  • Reinstalling as specified above.

  • Or disable the Cloud Native Compiler globally using the compilations.parallelism.limitPerVm setting, with the value 0, to override the default value of 500.

Enabling the Management Gateway

The Management Gateway enables two pieces of functionality:

  • Access to REST APIs for managing ReadyNow profiles

  • Cross-region synchronization of ReadyNow Profiles

To enable the Management Gateway, set mgmtGateway.enabled to true in value-override.yaml, see Management Gateway Parameters for more info.