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Profiling with Intel® VTune™ Recommendations

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  1. Intel VTune Profiler displays the Outside any known module message when analyzing a Java application run with the Azul Zulu Prime Builds of OpenJDK (Azul Zulu Prime JVM), how can I proceed?

    In the system-wide mode, Intel VTune Profiler does not recognize a Java process and does not obtain additional information using Java symbols.

    export AMPLXE_RUNTOOL_OPTIONS=--no-altstack /opt/intel/vtune_profiler/bin64/vtune-gui
  2. Why does Intel VTune Profiler display the Stack size provided to sigaltstack is too small. Please increase the stack size to 64K minimum. error message when collecting data on the Azul Zulu Prime JVM?

    The error message displays in both Run application and Attach to modes in Intel VTune Profiler since it attempts to configure the signals to use the alternative stack size using sigaltstack(). See Error Message: Stack Size Is Too Small for details.

    To collect profiling data with Intel VTune, use the following command-line options:

    export AMPLXE_RUNTOOL_OPTIONS=--no-altstack /opt/intel/vtune_profiler/bin64/vtune-gui