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zing-ps Command-Line Options

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The memory management functions of the Azul Zing System Tools (ZST) are performed automatically when an Azul Zing Builds of OpenJDK (Zing) instance runs a Java application. The zing-ps command returns a snapshot of current Zing memory usage. It displays information about active Zing processes, system behavior, and Zing memory usage.

zing-ps is installed automatically when ZST is installed. It is run from the command line. Use this command before you install, update, or restart the ZST or modify the ZST configuration.

This tool does not collect history. To collect zing-ps information over time, use a while loop to run the zing-ps command at specified time increments, for example every 10 seconds, and log the data generated. Then use the logged data in a numbers-to-graph tool, such as Excel to generate graphs.

For quick reference, at the command line, type:

$ zing-ps --help

The zing-ps command usage is:

usage: azps [-s] [-o] [-b] [-m] [-h] [-p pid] [-d] [-e] [-x] [-c] [-n] [-a] [-j] [-l] [--comma] [-partition P] [-f] [-V] [-zpv]

Where –

Command Description


Print the memory summary.


Print the overall upper limit for reserve-at-launch partitions. -o used without -s prints only overall upper limit information. -o used with -s adds overall upper limit to the memory summary.



Print values in units of bytes.


Round byte values to megabytes.


Round byte values to multiples of powers of 1024 and print suffix.

Process information:

-p [PID]

Print info about specific process.


Suppress printing of per process detail.

Best effort account information:


Print details about best effort account.

Select fields, information and format to print:


Print extended process detail.


Print only the command.


Print only the name from the command.


Print the arguments following the command.


Print selected portions of the command.


Print the legend.


Comma separated tabular format.

Memory information:

-partition P

Print memory accounting information for Partition P, where P is a partition number between 0 and 15.


Suppress printing of memory information.

Version information:


Print the ZST version.


Print the zing-ps version.

Some options are mutually exclusive. Many options can be used in combination. See Format Command Option Samples for listing of mutually exclusive options.