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Upgrading Azul Zing System Tools

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The instructions below are applicable only if Azul Zing System Tools (ZST) is installed on the system. These do not apply if Azul Zing Builds of OpenJDK (Zing) was installed using a tarball and is being used without the ZST.

To switch to a newer kernel within a major release of a particular OS, you do not need to upgrade your ZST installation if a kernel version is supported by a major release of ZST. With ZST 5.20.5 and higher, the newer kernel is enabled seamlessly once installed on your system.

You need to upgrade your ZST in case the kernel version is not supported.

Sample message:

zing-memory: INFO: Starting... /usr/lib/zing/bin/tar: zm.o_3.10.0-514.55.4.el7.x86_64: Not found in archive /usr/lib/zing/bin/tar: zm_linux.o_3.10.0-514.55.4.el7.x86_64: Not found in archive /usr/lib/zing/bin/tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors zing-memory: INFO: Zing ZST support for kernel 3.10.0-514.55.4.el7.x86_64 is unavailable. Please upgrade ZST.

For any other ZST upgrade cases, use the appropriate Linux packaging upgrade command.

  1. Login to your system as root.

  2. Download the latest ZST .rpm or .deb file.

  3. Ensure there are no running processes using Zing Memory. All currently-running Zing instances must be terminated before attempting to upgrade ZST. If this is not done, the upgrade and/or memory preallocation might fail or result in incorrect configuration.


    See Using the zing-ps Tool.

  4. Identify the installed Zing ZST packages.

    • For RHEL or SLES:

      yum list zing-zst

      Sample response:

      Installed Packages zing-zst.x86_64 8c.3.10.0- installed
    • For Ubuntu:

      apt list zing-zst

      Sample response:

      zing-zst/now 8c.5.4.0.x86.64-ub2004- amd64 [installed,local]
  5. Run the upgrade command on your ZST package:

    • For RHEL:

      yum localinstall <packagename>
    • For SLES:

      zypper install <packagename>
    • For Ubuntu:

      apt install ./<package name>

There is no direct upgrade path for ZST using read only ZST images. You must uninstall the existing ZST read only image and install and configure the new ZST read only image.