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Azul System Tools Libraries Retirement from Containers

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Starting with the release of Azul Platform Prime, the standard operation mode for Azul Zing Builds of OpenJDK (Zing) in container environments is the non-ZST mode.

Since ZVM, the RPM/DEB package dependency towards the ZST package is removed.

As of ZST 5.22.4, the zing-zst-ForContainer packages are empty (zing-zst-8b.ForContainer-VERSION.rpm, zing-zst_8b.ForContainer-VERSION.deb).

Running Zing versions older than in containers with a zing-zst-ForContainer package of 5.22.4 or newer installed will fail with the following error message:

Zing VM Error: DLERROR: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Zing VM Error: Please install ZST (Zing System Tools)

The solution for container systems is to upgrade to Azul Platform Prime or newer.